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Air Nailer


Top Five Considerations Prior Purchasing A Pneumatic Floor Nailer

If you're planning to install any kind of hardwood, engineered, or laminate floors in your house yourself, you might want to consider buying your own pneumatic floor nailer. Dependent on how much you have got to install, and how long it may take, it may really finish up saving you money in both the long and short run. So if you're looking into buying a pneumatic floor nailer of your own, here are a few things to think about.

1. How much flooring to install. Essentially, the more flooring you have to install, the more sense it makes to be buying a pneumatic floor nailer of your own. If it's's a job that may be done in under a day, and have no intentions to do anything else, then it makes sense simply to rent one. But if you're planning on installing flooring in a living room, dining room, bedroom or any room bigger than a corridor or closet, then it's going to take you more than one day to install, and then buying a pneumatic floor nailer makes more sense due to how much it might cost to lease one for multiple days.

2. How much experience you have with flooring. Not all pneumatic floor nailers are made equal, when buying one you want to think about that some are harder to use than others. Look for one with reviews that speak to its simplicity of use, and something light-weight and simple to launch will be the best bet for somebody just starting out.

3. What size air compressor you have. To run a pneumatic floor nailer, you need an air compressor. If you are already got an air compressor, then ensure you don't buy a pneumatic floor nailer that's's too strong for your air compressor to run. If you are going to be purchasing an air compressor too ensure that you get one that will work with your nailer of choice .

4. How much it weighs. The variations in weight may not seem important when you are buying a pneumatic floor nailer, but once you have fired and moved it a couple hundred or couple thousands times, it will make a difference. The detailed term "light-weight " is your chum.

5. How much you want to spend. In the end, it all boils down to budget, and buying a pneumatic floor nailer is not different. What you need to do is take all of the points mentioned above, and then find a nailer that meets those necessities, and fits your financial position. With the quantity of pneumatic floor nailers on the market, you should be able to find something to work for you.

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Air Nailer

Frequently Asked Questions...

What size air compressor should I buy?

I want to blow out my sprinkler lines in the fall. be able to inflate the tires on my riding lawnmower and maybe use a few air tools such as nailers.


Well, if you're not going to use it very often, you may just want to get a used one from a flea market, Craig's list, eBay, etc.

Most nail guns operate in the 70 to 120 psi range, though a few of the smaller brad nailers will operate on as little as 60 psi.

Your lawn mower tires are probably less than 50 psi.

CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) is an important measurement when looking at using air ratchets, paint and texture sprayers, impact guns, etc, as these tools require a constant supply of air, at a minimum pressure. If you're going to use these kinds of tools, or hope to, then you need to look at the requirements of the particular tool you want, and get a compressor that will do more than that. Most palm sanders, for example, will need about 8 to 10 cfm @ 90 psi. If you intended to use 2 of them at the same time, your compressor would need to be able to deliver about 20 cfm @ 90 psi. How many gallons the tank will hold doesn't tell you this, so don't be misled by thinking a 'bigger tank' means it will put out more cfm.

I carry a 2.5 gallon compressor around that will put many 5 gallon compressors to shame, hehehe.

Take your time shopping for a compressor... get a good idea of what tools you want to use, and their requirements.

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