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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I use a SDS bull point chisel in a rotary hammer (Makita HR2440)?

This Makita drill doesn't have an only hammerr function, just rotary hammer and rotary drill.

I'am intending to make a hole in a wall to install a window and I am not in a budget to buy a demolition hammer. Besides, there are no places to rent tools where I live.

Or any other suggestions to cut a brick wall covered with concrete?

Thank you very much


The right tool for the job would be a demolition saw with a masonry blade to give you a straight break line. Not only will you get a straighter cut, it will also be much easier to dress and finish your rough opening to allow you to install the window afterwards.
In a pinch, and for a smaller opening, such as pipe penetrations, a series of holes drilled with your rotary hammer drill is a practical move then dress the opening using the bull point or chisel, but with the larger opening for a window this would be labor intensive.
Instead of buying, you can rent one of these saws for a reasonable cost from a tool rental supply. You can also check your local Home Depot or Lowes which usually rent tools for less than a hundred bucks.
This rental will save you well over the expene in time and effort as well as giving you a cleaner end product and easier final installation.

I WEDGE Installation Tool For SDS PLUS Rotary Hammers

Sds Rotary

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