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Technical Service

Offsite Backup Service – Advantages Of Remote Data Backup Solutions

If you want to backup your data, one of the best ways to do it is by using a remote offsite backup service. Below are some of the features and benefits of it.

If you ever lost data or had it corrupted, you already know what a problem it can be for you. You can lose a lot of work, documents that are important and family photos.

There are plenty of methods to make sure that software and hardware failures don´t happen, but you can´t keep it safe 100% of the time, so using a backup solution is a must for any business.

There are several ways you can use to protect data: you can use a DVD, a HDD, a remote backup service or even remote locations. In my experience, if you want the best safety level, you should use remote data backup. This is because you avoid any accidents like floods or fires which would destroy both your main data and your backup data if they were in the same place.

One other advantage is that you no longer need to disconnect or connect manually different devices, it all gets transferred by broadband internet. The problem can be in this case the fact that you need an Internet connection all the time, it can take longer than if you would use local storage and there is a small chance of your data getting in the hands of third parties.

The disadvantages I just mentioned aren´t that important to most people though.

Below are the benefits that can be brought by the use of a remote backup service:

Free backup software - In most cases you don´t need to pay for backup software, since the backup service provides it for free.

Technical support - If you have questions about the backup process or their service, you have specialists in computers at your disposal to help.

Servers with professional protection - Your data will be kept in shelters designed to protect those computers, in most cases underground, designed to be kept safe in cases of disasters or accidents.

Unlimited remote data storage - Store and backup all the data you need.

Global access to your data - Get access to your files from anywhere in the world.

Data encryption - You´re the only one able to access the data, since it´s password encrypted by the remote backup service.

Not all good things are free though. You will pay depending on how much space you need or what extra features you want added. In most cases, you will pay $2 for each GB per month. 5GB should be enough if you´re an individual, which would get the price to $10 per month.

If you want to use it for a corporation, the amount of space needed and the price will probably be much bigger, but the benefits that a remote backup service brings you can be invaluable.

Discover the best offsite backup solutions online. Learn more about remote online backup services and how it can save your business cost and operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Technical Side: Sky Subscription Service - How Does It Work?

I've oftern wondered how the smart card works. How does sky allow certain channels to specific customers? For example, I ring up sky, and an hour later I can now watch a channel ("Brilliant!)".
Is there some general multicast data that gets sent every couple of seconds or when you select that channel, hmm well I have ideas but I want to know how sky does it?
Please be as technical as possible. Mentioning what device does the access checking and what data is sent or received if any.



In a nut shell, encrypted packets (lets call them A packets) are sent to everybody, and they contain the keys to decrypt the programming.

You, based on your subscription, are sent encrypted packets (lets call them B packets) to decrypt only the A packets for channels which you subscribe to.
Only your receiver has the key to decrypt those packets.
Your receiver watches those for those packets, which are coded with the ID for your receiver/smartcard. It ignores the B keys for other receivers/cards.

That is the basics of it anyways. It is in reality more complex than that, as pirates have compromised the basic operation, so additional layers of security/encryption and more complex
protocols and algorithms have been employed, as well as more frequent key changes.