Tensile Zinc

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Tensile Zinc

Strainrite Fencing Guides - 900mm Sheep Strainer Boards & Sets (FNB00012-42)

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Tensile Zinc

Frequently Asked Questions...

hvac help. will a wb-5 bronze flux coated brazing rod work on a/c lines?

I just received my universal certification and just haven't been hired yet or have a lot of experience. i ran into a problem with my evaporator, so i evacuated the system successfully, replaced the evaporator. and was going to braze the lines back on and change the filter drier. all i have around the house is this bernzomatic wb-5 brazing rod. it's 60,000 psi tensile strength and a working temp. of 1620 degrees fahrenheit. i'm pretty sure it doesn't have any silver content in it. it has copper, zinc, and boric acid in it. i have brazed before, just not ever on an a/c line. i have a leak detector to check my work also. any help is much appreciated.


It will work if you get the joints clean by sanding.