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Vintage Print

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The Most Collectible Names In Vintage Costume Jewelry

Vintage costume jewelry has turn into a highly collectible niche in the antiques and collectibles world. Listed below are a few of the most collectible names in vintage costume jewellery and some background on them.


Created in 1942 by a former Coro company employee named Albert Weiss, Weiss has become some of the well-liked and collectible names in vintage costume jewellery collecting. Weiss is synonymous with attractive and stylish rhinestone items together with brooches, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Sadly, the Weiss firm went out of enterprise in 1971, due to this fact their pieces are very collectible and probably the most stunning pieces including figurals like birds and animals routinely sell for high costs on public sale sites and in each on-line and offline stores. Watch out for reproductions of Weiss jewelry, many less knowledgeable sellers on eBay will sell a copy as a real Weiss. Actual Weiss jewelry is of remarkable quality, you may often tell a pretend from an actual piece by viewing the main points of the piece with a loupe. Also, some Weiss fakes have a textured backing, the place real Weiss could be very smooth. The stamp might also be offset or a bit tough to read. Actual Weiss usually has a strong stamp with clear lettering.

EisenbergThe Eisenberg firm started in 1914 as an apparel company. Then someday in the 1930's, they created and started to market jewellery pieces. Like Weiss, Eisenberg is known for top of the range craftsmanship and for utilizing high quality materials, together with sparkling Austrian crystals. Their earliest pieces have been marked as "Eisenberg Unique" and in a while they marked their items simply "Eisenberg" or "Eisenberg Ice". The Eisenberg company nonetheless makes jewelry right now however obviously the older items are the most collectible. For a time within the 1940's, Eisenberg used sterling silver of their pieces and any pieces in sterling silver are very collectible. Their pieces in sterling silver might be marked as such.




Pronounced ho-bee, Hobe has been a reputation synonymous with advantageous quality costume jewellery because the 1920's. The Hobe family really started making jewelry in France in the late 19th century, then William Hobe based the official company when he came to the US from France within the late 1920's. Hobe jewelry is characterised by it's wonderful high quality of workmanship, usage of gold and silver plated settings and quality stones. During Hollywood's golden age, Hobe jewellery was a favourite of Hollywood stars and their best pieces could be seen adorning starlets wardrobe's in many traditional movies. Hobe pieces have been all marked, with the name Hobe usually stamped in a stylized Artwork Deco fashion script with an elongated H or B or in block letters. The original, family run Hobe company stopped producing jewelry within the early 1990's, nevertheless a Hobe firm exists that still produces jewelry marked as Hobe as much as today.




The title Coro actually comes from an abbreviation of the original founders final names, which had been Cohn and Rosenberger. The company was based in New York around the flip of the century and later incorporated with the name Coro. The Coro firm was one of the most, if not essentially the most, prolific producer of costume jewellery within the 20th century. At one level throughout the 1920's, the corporate was mentioned to have employed more than 2000 workers in producing their strains of costume jewelry. The Coro company prided itself on producing costume jewellery for a variety of shoppers, and consequently you would discover Coro pieces available in both an area 5 and dime retailer and also find finer Coro items in excessive finish division stores. Coro's most interesting pieces may definitely compare in craftsmanship, design and high quality to well-known, highly collectible names like Weiss and Eisenberg. Because of their massive manufacturing, Coro used nicely over 100 styles of marks, stamps and variations of marks on their jewellery, typically altering their marks each year. Coro also produced jewellery under different brand names comparable to Vendome, which is highly collectible, CoroCraft, Cellini, Francois among many others. Extremely collectible Coro items embody their famous "jelly stomach" items, sterling silver items including these marked MEXICO and their "Coro Duette" line.


Other Collectible Names


While these names are a number of the most collectible names in costume jewelry, they definitely aren't the one collectible names. Extra collectible names embrace Art, Lisner, Napier, Trifari, Boucher, Miriam Haskell, Carnegie, Florenza, Kramer, Sarah Coventry, Schreiner, Van Dell, Whiting & Davis, Bogoff, as well as others.

This post is written by John Lewis, who also always writes about other topics such as sterling silver jewelry, cz jewelry & Sterling Silver Necklace.



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Vintage Print

Frequently Asked Questions...

seeking vintage print of Taj Mahal at nite w/ lady dressed as flapper gazing at water?

The print is shades of blue. The lady wears a full length gown with jewels on it. She looks like a flapper, standing by the pool gazing at the beautiful site


This one sort of fits your description (except for the "flapper part":

It that's not it... could this print have been a travel poster? Like the the ones by Roger Broders? ( examples:

Maxfield Parrish liked to depict female figures and reflecting water, but I don't remeber the Taj Mahal in one of his paintings.
Beyond that, I'm out of suggestions. Good luck!