Spur Drill

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do you agree that the Spurs are a disgrace to the NBA?

On one hand you have Ginobli who always whines and gets the foul called because he's such a slippery flopper. Then you have Bruce Bowen who is the dirtiest player ever, always kicking and slapping and holding opponents. Then Robert Horry commits the big fouls like drilling Steve Nash into the sideline and setting a hard pick into a sore David West's back. They're such a lucky team, with the cheapest group of players. Heck, game one against the Suns Duncan and Finley hit 3's at the buzzer to go to 2OT. They never go away...I Hate San Antonio!


no...it's playoffs and you dont expect teams to be soft!!!!!!! youre just mad cos your team was aggrivated by the SPURS!!!!!!!

Spur Drill

Bit n Spur Drill Team - 'Rodeo' by Garth Brooks Performance - 7.1.11

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