Texture Hopper

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Frequently Asked Questions...

When applying popcorn texture with "hopper", can you mix in ceiling paint with popcorn to avoid later painting

I was told you can mix the ceiling paint in with the popcorn texture and a little water, spray that over the whole ceiling, and thus avoid having to roll the ceiling later with ceiling paint. Seems to good to be true, just wondering if anyone has tried it.


I've applied many popcorn ceilings and always put LATEX ONLY paint into the mix. However, it does not made a good even coat. Atleast, I don't think so. I still do it though, because when it dries and you're ready to spray on the finish coat of paint you already have a priomer coat and get a good looking ceiling. The average person may never notice the difference, but I would. After it dries, you be the judge. But, renting a paint sprayer makes it take very little time. Good Luck

Texture sprayerCement GFRC Premix sprayer and mist coat hopper gun

Texture Hopper

Texture-Pro Hopper-DIY

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