Bin Shelving

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Frequently Asked Questions...

im redecorating my room how do i get more storage space?

im doing my room pink and orange. but i have a little closet and lotsss of clothes. so i have another two dressers and storage bins under my bed. but i collect pigs and i have some big stuffed animals my family and boyfriend have gave me and i have no where to put them but in my closet. i would really love to use the shelving in the closet along with my bookshelf for some more clothes and storage so my room does not look so cluttered. i have no idea how to have less clutter more storage and not get rid of a lot of it. i already went through everything and got rid of a lot to make more space and their still is not enough. i want to feel relaxed and in my own area not cluttered and claustrophobic.


There is an easy way to solve your problem. I live in a small apartment and I had a similar problem to you. If you live in the NY area then I recommend you get a storage unit. The place I use is relatively cheap compared to its competitors and it is a really nice place. I have my rental unit set up so I can even go there to relax or just to have some time to myself. They have all different sizes and I think it might be helpful to you. I used I hope this helps you out.

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