Driving Glasses

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Frequently Asked Questions...

For cataract surgery, would you choose perfect reading vision and need glasses for driving, or the other way?

I am 63 y.o., and am going to have this done in a month. My eye doc says I have the choice, but will need glasses either way, because I am very near sighted. Curious about others' experiences, and choices. I read a lot for work and use a computer, so I am leaning toward getting the lenses that give me perfect reading vision, and having to use glasses to drive and see distances.


95% of patients choose to be able to see to drive and watch TV without glasses. If implants are set to read, then you would need glasses to do everything else; walk around, TV, drive, golf, tennis. People who are nearsighted are paying to get LASIK to
reduce the need for glasses, why would you want to creat that situation??

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Driving Glasses

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