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Single Tier

Tres Kegs Single Tier All Grain Brewing System

Using Affiliate Marketing For Profit

Even if you have a lot of experience in marketing and business, beginning an e-business and marketing that business can be an intimidating task. Internet marketing isn't anything like regular business marketing. If you don't already have business and/or marketing experience, the process can make you want to give up. Whether you're experienced or new, a lot of companies turn to experts for help with their new e-business marketing plans.

Even the world-famous internet market Stephen Pierce mentioned this fact on the day previous to Ewen Chia's statement. Affiliate marketing shouldn't be a "straightjacket" or "ball and chain" system - rather, affiliate marketing should be part of a larger strategy of internet marketing, including pay-per-click ads like Google AdSense and more traditional marketing of products.

Affiliate marketing is essentially being paid commission to sell someone else's products. You're supposed to be matching up your product with the needs of others by offering the product as a recommendation. There are several different types of programs like this offered by many different companies, and these programs are easy to find by simply searching for them on any search engine. You can also reach them by directly contacting an affiliate marketer such as CitiBank, who offers over 100,000 digital products that you can promote and sell as their affiliate marketer.

In a single-tier affiliate program you are paid only once for each sale, whereas in a multi-level program you're paid for your sales over and over again. Realizing this, you should focus on taking advantage of multi-level programs in addition to promoting single-tier programs, marketing your own products, and earning on ads.

An internet marketing expert can also teach a business owner how to handle his own internet marketing through consulting and teaching. A one-on-one session or set of sessions can teach a business owner enough about internet marketing to allow him to reach the full potential of his business. They achieve the same goals as a written plan, but allow the business owner to learn how to adapt the plan should it need to be changed, and to develop future plans of his own for other endeavors. Another option is to learn about general marketing through a consultation but to employ a longer-term internet marketing expert to handle very specific areas of internet marketing that require special expertise, such as pay-per-click management. Since these require ongoing monitoring, they may best be handled by a specific internet marketing expert.

Many internet marketing experts will provide all of these services as needed. Because they bring so many levels of service to a business, an internet marketing expert is a worthy investment for any business that intends to seriously expand into the online sector. Additionally, education in internet marketing solutions is vital for anyone running a business with an online presence.

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Single Tier

Frequently Asked Questions...

Where can I find a Gazebo Canopy Replacement for our 12 x 12 single tier gazebo?

I believe that it was purchased several years ago at a Sam's Club. I've tried Garden Winds but can't find one that looks like it plus they won't reply to my emails. I have even sent them photos. I also purchased one that was supposed to be guaranteed to fit all 12x12s but no go. That one was apparently made for one with a much taller top and had far too much extra material hanging. I have no idea where else to look. Can anyone help? We really don't want to buy another entire gazebo. Here is a link to two photos of it when it was in good condition:


Any information or tips would be greatly appreciated!!!!


Your appears to be a one-tier canopy, and maybe the one you got at Garden Winds was for a two-tier which would have made it too "long."

Hopefully these will help:

There is one on this page:

A couple here although size is not specified: