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Fastest bicycle tube change using CO2 cartridge

Bicycle Cartridge

Electric Bikes Synopsis: The PowerSmart XEB0002K.Mountain Bike Model

Riding an electric bicycle makes sense on many levels. One thing is, electric bikes cost only a few pence each day to operate, plus they are priced at a mere £500 for a feature-rich model. Also, they will not pollute or give off harmful gases into the air, so they are very eco-friendly. They are superior to conventional bikes because of their ability to supplement the rider's pedalling effort with motor power when required, such as when starting from a complete stop, or when climbing a hill. Electric bicycles are not under the same rules that automobiles and motorbikes are under, so they don't require insurance. For these, and many other reasons, it's worth considering an electric bike. Here's some information about one we like quite a bit: the PowerSmart XEB0002K mountain bike model.

Electric Bikes: Main Aspects of the PowerSmart XEB0002K.Mountain Bike Model

With a price tag of approximately £500, this cycle is a fantastic value in the world of electric bicycles. It is equipped with a robust and dependable lithium-ion battery which provides considerably more power than a traditional battery. This battery's rating is 250W, 36V, and 9Ah. There's also a battery protection circuit, and the operating temperature range is from -10°C to +50°C. The frame of the bicycle has a 26" measurement, and just like other bikes of its kind, it is designed with front and also rear aluminium alloy V-brakes. This bike has a weight of 45lbs, and the battery has a weight of 5.3lbs. The front brake will be operated with the right hand, and the rear brake is operated with the left hand. The bike is finished in an attractive shiny black colour.

Electric Bikes: Additional Information on the PowerSmart XEB0002K.Mountain Bike Model

Electric bikes like the PowerSmart model have enough power to climb a 7-degree grade with ease. It has an 1150mm wheelbase, a painted iron chainguard, and a polycarbonate mudguard. The aluminium alloy chainwheel features 48 teeth. The crank and chainring are aluminium alloy as well. The bicycle's shifter is a Shimano thumb style, model SL-TX50-6-Right. Its derailleur is also produced by Shimano—a steadfast Tourney RD-TX30 6-speed rear model. The 14 to 28 teeth freewheel is the MF-TZ06 6-speed built by Shimano. Aluminium alloy spokes are fixed in the double-wall aluminium alloy rims which have CNC sidewall. The Chao Yang H-S576 tyres are the perfect complement to the wheels.

Electric Bikes :A Few Specs on the PowerSmart XEB0002K.Mountain Bike Model

The bike has a trendy cartridge type bottom bracket; it has measurements of 1820mm x 650mm x 1100mm (LWH). It's fitted with an aluminium alloy kickstand, rear carrier, and seat post. There is additionally a Cionlli Cruiser saddle, and also a Cycle Force 6 volt generator bicycle light set. This specific mountain bike boasts a maximum speed that is 5kph as well as a range of 48 to 64km; the range is dependent on the weight of the rider, the land being ridden on, and the pedalling effort of the rider. This bicycle has a torque rating of 10.2Nm.

For the best in electric bikes, don't hesitate to check out the PowerSmart XEB0002K mountain bike model.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how much compressed air do i need to replicate the power of one 12g Co2 cartridge?

Thanks to Sully01 i have found the perfect base for my air powered paintball LAW rocket launcher
the instructions are here

i need a way to replace the power source to hand pumped air (bicycle pump).
so how big does the air tank need to be and how do i attach it to the pipe where the normal Co2 adapter would go


Some are around 2900psi. You will never get that much pressure without a specially designed industrial grade air compressor. You didn't specify any projectile weights, barrel calibers, projectile type, how far you want this to shoot. That design is really not money economical or efficient at all. You are using a whole 12g CO2 canister to launch a piece of foam. Not only that, the projectile leaves the barrel before it can harness the full amount of high pressure air coming out. It is perhaps convenient to use, but not well thought out.
Bicycle pumps can't go past about 150psi. Reaching 150psi on a bike pump takes a long time and hurts your arms.

It's a question that doesn't have any possible correct answer.