Fischer Porter

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Fischer Porter

Used- Fischer & Porter Magnetic Flow Meter -stock# 43580011

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Fischer Porter

Frequently Asked Questions...

Which of these boys names to fit in the tradition?

Okay, I am not sure why, but on my husband's side of the family there is a naming tradition. All of the boys names end in -er, and all of the girls names end in -a. It is not too hard for girls, but it is getting tricky for boys. We already have three children, Porter Luke, Olivia Mae, Tucker Samuel. We are now having BG twins, and have Fiona Lily picked out for the girl name. After a bit of searching, we came up with a few names that we like for our boy. Which is your favourite?

Jasper Elias
Becker Owen
Hunter Isaac
Xander Eliott
Fischer Isaac
Cooper Elias
Fletcher Aidan
Lander Owen

Names we cannot use (already being used in the family):
Tucker, Porter, Spencer, Thatcher, Walker, Fraser, Ryder, Asher, Parker, Alexander, Sawyer, Beamer, Chandler, Jagger, Palmer, and Tanner.

Thanks, Spencer and Kalina.


Don't know.