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Hard Sleeve

Keep your love close to your skin

It’s Valentine’s Day.A huge moment.Your heart is racing, your palms are clammy and you're feeling weak at the knees.You try and speak - but only manage a strange grunt.  This is NOT going well.And you're nowhere near the object of your affections yet!
You've only just made it to the lingerie store where you'd really like to find something red and romantic, instead you're the one with the red face!
Lingerie can be a lovely Valentine's gift, but buying it isn't always a comfortable experience.And this unease usually results in hasty purchasing, often with the wrong size and the wrong shape in the bag, which won't be the best start to a romantic interlude.Take it easy - there's a pain-free solution.Flutter those fingers and get shopping online.
Buying underwear can be quite a tricky business, so it's best to do a little subtle sleuthing ahead of time.If you know your partner intimately, you'll know their preferences.In an established partnership, it's probably safe to choose lingerie that's a bit exotic, sexy and glamorous to spice up the romantic occasion.If you're in any doubt, go for classical elegance. 
The colour theme for Valentine’s Day is traditionally red which signifies passion, romance and love.  Red and black satin underwear detailed with lace and ribbon is also a traditional Valentine’s Day favourite, but anything goes.Pastel colours, like salmon and peach are always safe bets - as is pure, stylish white.
Size does count... a lot!  Buying a XXXL thong or corset for your size 10 partner is instant coolant for a hot relationship.  But remember – too big is better than too small, because it’ll be hard to recover from a situation where your partner is bigger than you thought she was!  
And when it comes to buying bras, it's a bit like the alphabet - A, B, C, D and E are NOT the same.Giving underwear to someone is a clear declaration of your intentions, so you need to be confident of the lie of the land!
Lingerie that accentuates your partner's best assets is always a good idea, as is lingerie that hides the areas that they're not so wild about.If they're at ease, they'll be at ease with you.
Shopping online for lingerie is a pain-free experience and there are thousands of ideas out there to get your imagination going.  You could always get up close and personal and do a tandem surf on the net to find some romantic lingerie that you both love
Valentine’s Day is a loving occasion, and what better way to show your feelings than with luxurious, romantic lingerie.Go online for that stunning gift and keep your racing pulse and unsteady knees for the really big occasion!

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how painful is it to get a half sleeve tattoo?

let's just rate it on a scale from 1-10. 10 being excruciating pain and 1 being a light pinch.
but like i said it'll be a half sleeve on my left arm, i weight train so i have some meat on my bones. my pain tolerance is mid-high i would say. it's kind of hard to judge though since i've never really been through a lot of pain in my life but not fearing pain definitely helps me deal with it.


well its needles going all over your arm. Like a light scrape. 6