Mavic Crossmax

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Mavic Crossmax


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Mavic Crossmax

Frequently Asked Questions...

Better MTB wheels for a heavy rider?

I'm contemplating selling a bike with either Mavic X819 or Mavic Crossmax SL wheels. Which would be better taking into account the rider will be 270lbs, riding in south Florida. Terrain is mostly flat with some technical aspects. Bike is a 2006 Cannondale Rush 2000 if that makes a difference.


Hum... You are dealing with a man mountain and whatever wheels you put on the bike are likely to fall apart. Hope he has a gentle disposition. If not, maybe you should reconsider selling to him.

In any case, I agree with MtBikr. Flip a coin and hope for the best.

Big guys subject wheels to a lot of force due to their weight. Furthermore, since they are moving all of that weight around all day, everyday, they have incredibly powerful muscles. Thus, they can lay down lots of power. Regardless of the wheels he buys from you, at some point in the future he is likely to destry these wheels and is going to have to meet and make friends with a wheel builder.

I think you just need to make sure he understands the situation and his expectations are well grounded. In the meantime, I'd sell him the wheelset that has the most spokes, and can be rebuild with heavy duty, straight gauge spokes.

Hope this helps.