Ronald Reagan

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GPS Navigation Devices Origins

GPS navigation devices work off the method of U.S. satellites to pinpoint geographic location. GPS stands for Global Positioning System, and was very first used through the American military as a nuclear deterrent throughout the Cold War arms race. Ironically, it was during the Cold War that President Ronald Reagan, the epitome of a Cold Warrior, directed that GPS be created available for civilian applications following the Korean Airlines Flight 007 tragedy, one from the tensest moments within the whole Cold War. This incident occurred when a Boeing 747 strayed into the airspace with the now-defunct Soviet Union and was shot down, killing all aboard, including a sitting United States Congressman. Investigations concluded that a navigational error was to blame, and tracking procedures were changed in order to avert similar accidents in the future.

GPS navigation devices can really be traced back to World War II as well as the ground-based radio navigation systems developed throughout that time, for example LORAN and Decca. Today’s GPS enables soldiers get their bearings inside the dark too as unfamiliar territory, provides tracking information on potential targets, guides missiles and bombs, and even helps in the creation of reconnaissance maps. Civilian applications include land surveying and time transfer (synchronization of clocks). Typically speaking, GPS navigation devices are classified as civilian if it can't be considered munitions, or weapons, by the U.S. government. For example, those capable of operating above sixty thousand feet at speeds of a thousand knots can't be exported without having unique licenses. Otherwise, this kind of GPS navigation devices can be effortlessly installed in a ballistic missile.

The technology behind GPS navigation units is created up of three parts. Most obviously, the satellite program requirements to be in place. This comprises some twenty-four to thirty satellites in medium earth orbit. Then there is the handle program, which is in turn composed of the master control station and an alternate master handle station plus any number of shared and dedicated ground antennae and monitoring stations. Finally, the user component is basically all the individual end-users around the globe, military and civilian.
GPS has turn out to be a global tool for the frequent good despite its military origins. Just like the web, also originally conceived in response to war as well as the threat of war, GPS has grown beyond such narrow applications in death and destruction towards the myriad of commercial, scientific, and recreational uses now available. Almost no aspect of our modern 21st Century lives aren't touched by it, from the emergency rescue personnel dispatched towards the conversations transmitted over cellular networks.

The Humor of Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What do conservatives think of Theodore Roosevelt? Is he in the same league as Ronald Reagan?

I've always heard of Ronald Reagan being the godlike figure of the Right. TR, on the other hand, doesn't get alot of attention so it's unclear to me what kind of prominence he has in the current right wing movement. Is he someone so removed from current politics that he longer has any relevant significance for conservatives?


Most of them seem to hate his guts. He was an environmentalist and he wanted health care for all.