3mm Sheet

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I score acrylic sheet until it breaks?

OK, here's the thing, I ordered a 3mm thick acrylic panel that's just a few millimeters (3mm) too wide. It would be a long break (920mm) if I use the traditional, score and break method which I am told is not suitable in this case.

So, my question is, can I keep scoring it until it breaks? Do you know how long it would take?

The other option I have is to sand it down but I suspect this will be even more time consuming.




Set your sheet up on a flat surface use a permanent marker to draw a line where you want to cut now use a straight edge of wood to clamp down over the sheet offer up a jig saw so that the blade is on the cutting line and the side of the jigsaw against the straight edge of wood and check both ends to ensure the correct distance at each end now use a good quality sticky tape and tape up over the cutting line and fold underneath it doesn't matter that you cover the line as your straight edge is now set correctly.

Place a metal cutting blade into your jig saw, reason for metal blade is they have a lot of fine teeth and less likely to damage the sheet, you can now proceed to cut your sheet keep the speed of jig saw high as you don't want it to grab material being cut, proceed with the jig saw following the straight edge, do not force let the saw do the work, continue to full length hopefully a clean cut will result.

If in the future you have a similar project I highly recommend you use polycarbonate security sheet as you can take any saw to this material with total confidence as it will never crack or splinter, and almost impossible to break it is however expensive but will last for decades and not frost or fade..

Good Luck regards Alan

3mm Sheet

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