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Frequently Asked Questions...

xbox360 vs pc?

i am ethier going to get a xbox360 elite or a new pc
PC specs:
E6750 $210
x1650 pro diamond- upgrade later when i have more money $109
2 gigs ram $75
gigabyte p35 motherboard $100- upgrade to penryn later
western digital 250gig 7200rpm $64- upgrade to a raptor later
vista home basic $90
Sunbeam AC-T Transparent Clear Acrylic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case- $50
APEVIA ATX-CW500WP4 500W Power Supply-$30
Sony NEC Optiarc Black IDE $17

its a cheap gaming rig right now but will upgrade more later (i dont have that much money right now)
so xbox or cheap rig


To put it simply, your hardware list sucks. The graphics card is the most important component when gaming, and the x1650pro is bottom of the barrel.

Look at the blue lines:

You generally want 40frames per second minimum while playing fast paced games like first person shooters.

Here is the e6750 vs the e2140 @ 2.4ghz in gaming (red lines)

If you want gaming as the main objective on a budget, this is what you buy through

$75 - Pentium e2140 (uses the Core 2 chipset, just with less cache and will easily overclock to 2.4hz on the stock fan/heatsink)
$250 - Nvidia 8800gts 320mb
$130 - Gigabyte P35 motherboard (will take quads)
$75 - 2gb of DDR2
$20 - Rosewill mid-tower case
$60 - 250gb SATA
$25 - DVD / CD burner
$75 - 500watt+ power supply with 35+amps on the +12v rails (FSP, SeaSonic, Tagan, Corsair, or other "top-tier" PSU's)
$80 - XP home

For a total of $790...your list came to over $800 with pathetic gaming performance.

You should really research before spending your money. and great sites with usefull forums.

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