Acrylic Pmma

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is there a way to make polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA/acrylic plastic) scratch-resistant?

I have to use this material as part of a design assignment to make a room accessory, and if there were a technique to make it scratch-resistant, it would make my design a lot better.


Acrylic and polycarbonate have similar performance re scratch resistance. Polycarbonate as better impact performance when new. Acrylic is better in the long run as it does not weather (go yellow) as badly as polycarbonate.

Unfortunately all these types of plastic are similar in terms of scratch Resistance. Even glass can be scratched...

Options are:

use an acrylic sheet with a Matt surface, they are available. This would hide any scuff marks.


Find a suitable coating, not sure if you can get something for DIY use. Might be worth a wander around a DIY or car accessories shop.
any scratches in gloss acrylic can be polished out

Acrylic Pmma

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