Cast Acrylic

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Cast Acrylic

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The Many Uses Of Mirror Glass

This decision impacts the general design, human comfort, power efficiency, mechanical HVAC style and loads, day lighting, condensation control, ultraviolet fading and sound control. In the design of any creating (whether it be residential, commercial or industrial) one should look at and take into consideration the six principal glazing style challenges. These are:

o Winter Comfort and Heating Load

o Summer Comfort Cooling Load

Shatterproof Mirrors are cut from specialist mirrored acrylic which, as with conventional glass mirrors, have a brilliant highly reflective surface... but using the added benefit of becoming considerably lighter, shatterproof, impact resistant and consequently safer.

Why Acrylic?
Furthermore cast acrylic is lighter, stronger and safer than glass. Acrylic might be put to use in an environment where glass mirrors will be hazardous if impacted. Dust and grime will not be attracted to the panel surface. If the panel must turn out to be dirty, it is effortlessly cleaned utilizing a non-abrasive, non-fibrous cloth and any widespread household clear non-abrasive cleaning liquid.

Product Description
Acrylic sheet with a mirror finish, the highly reflective surface is protected by durable acrylic polymer paint having a polyurethane top coat. It has been made employing the most recent precision laser cutting and style technology.

The Heat Mirror(TM) family members of wavelength-selective products supply the solution to all glazing style challenges like climate, elevation and application. These solutions supply unparalleled flexibility to "tune" a building to meet these needs. As much more and additional architects, builders and homeowners adopt Southwall's technology buildings will move from element of the environmental trouble to aspect of its solution.

Heat Mirror(TM) can be a low-emissivity coated film product suspended inside an insulating glass unit. The result is really a triple unit with two airspace's devoid of the weight of triple insulating glass and with far superior insulating and shading performance. The Window Man offers two kinds of Heat Mirror(TM), they are: HM 88 and HM 66. These range from the low reflectance, high-light transmittance performance of Heat Mirror 88 by means of the shading performance of Heat Mirror 66.

All Heat Mirror merchandise is usually utilized with virtually any kind of glass - clear, heat absorbing, reflective, heat-strengthened, tempered, laminated - to accomplish superior performance in a wide range of aesthetics.

Heat Mirror insulating glass is available with a variety of clear coatings for mastering the sun's heat. From Heat Mirror 66 to Heat Mirror 88, solar heat achieve is effectively controlled, and offers you power efficiency with relation to HVAC expenses and delivers the following benefits..

Improved Comfort

Did you know?
Glassless Mirrors are brighter and have a sharper image than plate glass mirrors.

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Cast Acrylic

Frequently Asked Questions...

Are acrylic sinks really better than cast iron ones?

I love the look of the white cast iron sinks, but they are heavy and expensive and I heard they rust and stain easily. I was looking into the acrylic version since they look identical and they claim to be stain resistant and scratch resistant. Does anyone know if this is the case or should I just stick with the plain stainless sinks?


I also like the white enameled cast iron sinks but the twice I've had one, the enamel eventually got a chip. The sink didn't rust but it was black under the enamel and looked bad. The enamel sold to paint over chips really doesn't work very well.

I suppose acrylic sinks don't stain or scratch -- as long as you don't use them but I've never seen one more than a few years old that didn't look dingy.

I now stick to stainless -- not the lowest grade though because they "ding". You can tell the better grade in the store just by rapping your knuckles or a key chain on the bottom. The better grade makes a lower pitched sound.