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Clear Plexiglass

Clear Plexiglass

An Inventive Dimension To Fish-Keeping In Small Tanks

Biorb have introduced a completely new dimension to fish bowls. Their classy fish bowl creations mix the standard look with the hardware that will give the performance of an aquarium, making it a healthy environment for fish. And they are far more roomy than normal fish bowls. These unique fish bowls have a 5 stage biological, chemical and mechanical filter system concealed at the base of the bowl. The filter cartridges last for 6-8 weeks and ensure low maintenance for the owner, keeping the water looking clean and clear. A composite halogen light fits unobtrusively within the lid, ensuring the water is well lit while also adding a hint of flicker. An air pump and air stone are also included. The Plexiglass construction provides maximum sturdiness and 360 degrees of crystal-clear visibility.

Biorb glass fish bowls can be bought in a variety of sizes and with black or silver lids and bases. A four gallon fish bowl costs $70 and offers the option of getting a moonlight unit that has a sensor that instantly detects natural changes in light between night and day and adjusts the light to a blue moonlight color. This feature costs an extra $30.

A 8 gallon bowl costs $129 and the biggest world at 16 gallons can be purchased for $209. In the eight gallon range, Biorb have introduced an ultra modern design in which the bowl is partly coated in a white, black or silver color to match the lid and base. The unique design also may include atmospheric lighting for a trendy look. This one costs $280 and comes as a complete kit with gear as well as ceramic media, water conditioner and fish food. All you do need is fish and water!

Unique fish bowls are also available in a variety of shapes which many find more thrilling than the ordinary round goldfish bowls. Popular shapes which make a nice table centrepiece or present include teacup designs and fish formed glass fish bowls. Betta fish bowls may also be found in the shape of one gallon cubes or, as a funky gift, a half gallon disco betta fish bowl has an LED light which slowly changes, creating colour combos and illuminating the translucent coloured stones. All of these unique glass fish bowls cost around $30.

Another possibility is to purchase a hanging fish bowl, which may add an interesting aspect to your home or office dcor. And it is out of the reach of babies or pets. Due to their little size they're truly only acceptable as betta fish bowls. A hanging fish bowl ranges in price from $20-$40.

Jill Kaestner commends a tiny BiOrb fish tank for people that are beginner aquarists. Read about fish tank aquariums at her info website meant to help out the average aquarium owner.

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