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Mirror Sheet

Mirror Sheet

Simple Decorating For Your Guest Room

It's often the most neglected room in the house, until company is coming. Then you scramble around looking for bedding, cleaning out the clutter and tidying. The guest room should be a place of solitude for your company instead of a source of worry for you. Learn how to set up and decorate this room in a simple, stylish way.

Deck out your guest room for overnight comfort with high quality, well made linen. Neutral towel sets can be kept aside for company, three or four sets should be enough. Pick out two sheet sets with high thread-counts and two warm, hypo-allergenic bedding quilts. To complete the bed, make sure to supply four fresh pillows, full but not overly firm. Keep all of the bedding in a neutral tone that matches the towels.

For comfort and convenience make sure to include these items in your spare room as well. On the nightstand there should be a reading lamp and an alarm clock. Set the clock to the correct time and check that the lamp is plugged in and working before your guests go to bed. Install a mirror in the room to assist them with getting dressed and provide space for their clothing and luggage. A large dresser and clear room in the closet is a good idea.

The style of furniture should be solid and understated. Natural wood furniture is an excellent choice. Purchase a set including two nightstands and a bed as large as the room can handle. Sleigh beds are a good bet for an attractive style that isn't too bold. Stay away from bright colors, brass or gold accents and anything that will date the furniture.

You might want to choose a theme for your guest room. A favorite hobby, destination or color scheme lends a homey feel to the room. Lean towards landscape views or simple prints in matching frames for the artwork. Place large pictures on open walls and tuck small frames into corners or arrange them together for a big impact. Cover the window with shades to provide darkness overnight, but make sure the brightness of the day can also come in when the shades are rolled up.

Extra bedding can simply be folded and placed on the Sleigh bed. Put the extra pillows in the closet and keep the top of the furniture free from clutter. In the closet, neatly arrange your own storage in bins or boxes for a tidy, organized look.

Your guests will appreciate the calm and comfortable atmosphere you've created for them in this simply decorated guest room. Then they will be sure to visit again soon.

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