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Rod Black

Fishing Tackle Summary: The Normark Titan 2000 Float Rod

If you are endeavouring to find an extraordinary float rod, continue to read. If you still enjoy fishing in natural, rather than commercial fishing settings, then you need to have a good understanding of waggler fishing, especially in cold weather. In case you don’t know what “waggler” means, allow me to tell you. The easiest way to put it is that a waggler is a float you can see with no difficulty when you cast it. A waggler’s tip can be purchased in a choice of colours, for instance orange, yellow, black or red. You choose the tip colour based on the light conditions.

If you are fond of float fishing, you probably will take pleasure in shopping around for float fishing tackle. This is a bit of data regarding a float rod that I have purchased as of late—the Normark Titan 2000.

Major Facets of the Titan 2000 Float Rod.

The Titan Normark 2000 rod is an excellent all-around piece of fishing tackle that's eminently suited for many types of fishing. If you still have the privilege of fishing in natural lakes or rivers, you should understand that the flexible Titan 2000 may be implemented as a stick-float kind of rod and also a conventional carp rod. The action of the rod suits it ideally for anglers who use lightweight lines and small hooks. That isn't to say, though, that this rod won't perform admirably with heavier weight lines of .16 and up. Another feature I liked about this well-designed piece of fishing tackle is actually the twist grip reel seat that is extremely well-liked by anglers because it is excellent in maintaining enduring, sure positioning of the reel.

Additional Information Concerning the Normark Titan 2000.

One element I really am partial to in reference to this rod is the tip part. It has a very fine diameter, so it allows me to fish light, something I often like to do. In addition, I have observed that this is a single piece, and not a spliced tip; so, the Titan has an extremely advantageous, progressive and continuing flex. It has no flat spots which are generally present in spliced tip rods. Fishermen that like implementing light tackle just for the dare and sport, particularly when the fish you snare is a big aggressive carp, are aware that this rod is ideally deliberated for this type angling, even when up against more costly models.

Ending Remarks about the Normark Titan 2000

You will likely pay about £250 or £300 for this fishing rod. Remember to look for any special offers on it and always look online for discount prices. Many of my pals have been wondering why I am so devoted to the Titan 2000 and I don’t seem very interested in any new types of gear. Here is the simple response: this rod is inexpensive and well-equipped: it is extremely flexible in many different fishing spots.

The Normark Titan 2000 fishing rod is a superior piece of fishing tackle that has the ideal mixture of facets, functioning, and price tag.



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