Sheet 500mm

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Sheet 500mm

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Frequently Asked Questions...

need help to draw diagrams of greater scale in autocad and get a print out in size A4 sheet?!!?

i'm using autocad 2010.. I need to draw diagrams in millimeter unit .. I've got drawings with dimensions like 5000 mm , 3500 mm etc and i doubt dat it wont look good in a A4 size sheet .. Is there any option that allows me to draw the diagram at a lower scale so that the print out looks good ??!! any tutorials online ??!! to reduce only the scales????
for example :. if a dimesnion displays 5000 mm in d drawing but appear like a 500mm in the print out .. (but display 5000 mm on d print out)


You draw diagram in your prefer units 5000x3500 and prepare layout on A4 format 210x297 mm then set scale for plot
A4 is 210x297 mm, but plot area is small >> 190x285

5000 units go to 285 mm >>> 5000:285=17,54
3500 units go to 190 mm >>> 3500:190=18,42
If you use 20 (scale 1:20) obtain 5000:20=250 mm x 3500:20=175 mm
Your diagram 5000x3500 in scale 1:20 on paper is 250x175 mm, perfect in A4 sheet

You can draw your drawing 5000x3500, then go to Layout1 and set size to A4 210x297 mm, scale 1:1, plot area=Layout
Make one viewport with MVIEW command, you see your diagram not in scale.
Double click with mouse at center of viewport, you enter in model space, zoom window on your diagram, then digit PSPACE command for return to paper space (layout)
Pick on border of viewport, open property panel and go on property Scale standard example to 1:20
If you add text on your diagram, your read very well if text height is 2 or 3 mm on paper. If you have set scale 1:20, draw text in model with height = 20x2 = 40 units or 20x3=60 units drawing

Sorry for bad english, I hope you understand my istructions